Stoweflake Balloon Festival

There are two very good reasons why The Riverside Inn is the place to stay if you are in Stowe for the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Firstly, we are directly across from the field where the event takes place, with a launch in the early morning (resulting in a gentle wake-up call when you hear the sound of the burners) and a second launch in the late afternoon, early evening.

As flights are always dependent on the prevailing weather conditions you can relax in our comfortable front room while waiting for the right conditions for take-off.

If you are a spectator, and not a participant, you will see (and hear) the balloons being fired up from the Inn and can then opt to wander across to the field or, alternatively, sit and watch the action from our front porch.

If you stay in one of the lodge rooms at the front of the building you will be able to see the Balloons take off through the window and, if the wind is in the right direction, experience their flying directly overhead at such a low altitude that you feel that you can reach our and touch them.

Secondly, the other main reason to stay with us is that your host, Julian, is a flying enthusiast who holds a Pilots License and regularly crews a Hot Air Balloon at Europe’s largest Hot Air Balloon Festival, held bi-annually in Metz, France.

So, if you fly a Balloon, want to ride in a Balloon or simply enjoy watching Hot Air Balloons come and stay with us during the Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival in July.

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