The main reason to stay with us if you are looking to bring your pet is that we love animals at The Riverside Inn!

We have had countless dogs, many cats and a couple of birds stay with us, but the strangest request that we have had to date was from somebody who asked if they could bring their pet lamb. You can imagine what our concerns were, but we were assured that there would be no “accidents.” When the guest, plus lamb, arrived we saw why … the lamb could walk on a leash and was wearing a woolly coat and a diaper!

Those travelling with pets are, however, limited to the Motel units, which open directly to the outdoors and back onto the river and Recreation Path.  Pets are not allowed in the main Lodge as the rooms are really not suitable, and also, we have two cats of our own who are very territorial. They, “Marty” and “The Rivercat,” were originally feral, but over time we managed to enticed them inside, and they have now settled in very nicely.

People often ask us what the “rules” are regarding the bringing of pets. Can they be left in rooms? Do they need to be crated?

We respond that we don’t have hard and fast rules because over the years we have learned that what is appropriate for one animal is totally not so for another. For example, we have found that some dogs cannot be left alone for a second before barking and destroying the place, while other dogs will settle down quietly if left alone in the room. We therefore tell people that they know their own pets best and that we will trust them to do whatever it takes to ensure that none of the other guests are disturbed and that nothing is damaged.