Mountain Biking

Over the last few years Stowe has become a magnet for Mountain Bike Riders.

It began in 2005 when members of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association first floated the idea of creating a world class trail system within the Stowe area.  The thinking was that Stowe already had the terrain and infrastructure in place to support developing the area as a Mountain Biking paradise.

In the years since then Stowe Mountain Bike Club was formed and working with the Vermont Mountain Bike Association, the Stowe Land Trust and the Trapp Family Lodge the idea has been turned into a reality.  The area can now boast over 50 miles of interconnecting, purpose built, trails which cater to all skill levels and tastes.

Excellent information about Stowe being “Biking Central” can be found at Stowe Today.

The annual “Bikes, Brews & Beats Festival” is a free event that combines Stowe’s affinity with Mountain Biking, Craft Brewing and Music.  The festivities start with a “Block Party” downtown on a Friday, featuring live music, craft brew tastings and activities for children.

Then, over the weekend, the tastings and music continue at locations all over town.  The “not to be missed” highlights include the party at Piecasso (which is next door to the Riverside Inn), the Trike race at Sushi Yoshi and the Mountain Bike celebration at the Rusty Nail (less than a mile from the Riverside Inn via the Recreation Path).

Check out more information about the festival here.

We completely understand that one of the prime concerns for Mountain Bike enthusiasts is security as we have had many guests stay whose bikes are worth more than the cars that they brought them here in!  Our Motel units have an area inside, by their entrance, that is equipped with laminate flooring where we are happy for bikes to be stored.  For guests staying in the Lodge we have lockable areas for bikes.

We do also have bikes available for loan for use on the Recreation Path.  Whilst perfect for this role they are, however, not suitable for serious off-road biking but if you do need a bike to explore the more advanced trails there are many hire shops in Stowe to which we can direct you.